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Unwind and embrace the calming experience with these soothing and hydrating bath salts. They leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and silky.

Scents:Camping Trip 2.2oz

Waking up to a crisp fresh spring morning while camping in the Rocky Mountains. With the sounds of a trickling stream nearby and the smell of a field flowers lingering in the air.

Serendipitous 2.2oz

Perusing the local farmers market on a crisp fall day with a beautiful bouquet of Peonies, Jasmine and Roses. Without a care in the world, not a sound on the streets, just the beating of your own heart.

Smitten 2.2oz

Coming home after a long day to a home filled with rose petals and a bountiful bouquet of 100 Red English Roses. With a candle lit bubble bath and your favorite playlist on waiting for you.

Tranquility 2.2oz

Congratulations, you have reached true tranquility. It smells like peace of mind, lush orchids, and utter relaxation with hints of lavender and tea tree.

Unscented 2.8oz

Perfect for mixing with your favorite bath bubble products or just alone for a soothing bath. No dried flowers or fragrances.

Mini Relax & Vibe Soothing Bath Salts


Dead Sea Salts, Pink Sea Salts, French Gray Sea Salt (from the Guerande region of France), Epsom Salts, Dried Flowers, and Fragrance.