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This one is truly close to my heart. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, I wanted to introduce you to our state flower, the Columbine. This word might carry a heavy weight for many due to a tragic event, but I'm here to bring back the love and happiness associated with our beautiful state flower. The Columbine also serves as a symbol of strength and resilience, often given as a gift to inspire courage and perseverance in one's journey.


So, allow me to present my favorite flower and one of our newest polish colors: Columbine. It's a stunning periwinkle shade with a hint of violet and purple shimmer, radiating a comforting and empowering aura, just like the flower it's named after.


💅This polish is Opaque with a shimmer finish.


📷 Photo info:
Photos taken in Natural Light both direct & indirect light. Swatch photos shown in 2 coats of polish.


Columbine - Colorado State Flower - Periwinkle with Violet Sparkle