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Our Story

From my earliest memories, adorning and painting my nails felt like an artistic expression and a form of self-care that I couldn't get enough of. But navigating a market filled with nail polishes that chipped easily or contained harsh chemicals was quite a challenge. I longed for shades that would complement my skin tone, align with my artistic spirit, and endure my active outdoor lifestyle.

That quest sparked my journey to fill this gap and create a line of nail polish that's as unique and vibrant as the individuals who wear it. I envisioned colors that could bring a smile to your face with just a glance at your fingertips, encapsulating happiness in every stroke.

Expanding beyond nail polish, we ventured into skincare, recognizing that self-love encompasses more than just beautifully painted nails. Through meticulous research and multiple trials, we curated a range of products—Cuticle Oils, Body Oils, and Bath Salts—aiming to transform your home into a personal spa and nurture your skin every day.

Our commitment doesn’t end there. We're dedicated to continually crafting new, distinctive colors that enhance every beautiful skin tone. Additionally, we're devoted to expanding our skincare line, aiming to pamper, nourish, and hydrate, because you deserve nothing less than an abundance of love and care.


Welcome to our world, where vibrant nails meet indulgent skincare, celebrating your unique beauty and wellness journey.

Meet The Team

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